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The Burning Spider

Parov Stelar


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Titres de l'album

The Burning Spider Parov Stelar, Lightin Hopkins 04:14
Step Two Parov Stelar, Lilja Bloom 02:54
Soul Fever Blues Parov Stelar, Muddy Waters 03:04
Everything of My Heart Parov Stelar 03:07
My Man Parov Stelar, Lightin Hopkins 04:10
All Grown Up Parov Stelar, Anduze 03:00
Mama Talking Parov Stelar, Stuff Smith 02:58
State of the Union Parov Stelar, Anduze 03:36
Beauty Mark Parov Stelar, Anduze 03:24
Cuba Libre Parov Stelar, Mildred Bailey 03:12
Black Coffee Parov Stelar, Wingy Manone 03:41
The Ride Parov Stelar 03:20

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