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Pocket Symphony



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Titres de l'album

Space Maker Air 04:02
Once Upon a Time Air 05:02
One Hell of a Party (feat. Jarvis Cocker) Air, Jarvis Cocker 04:02
Napalm Love Air 03:27
Mayfair Song Air 04:18
Left Bank Air 04:07
Photograph Air 03:51
Mer du Japon Air 03:04
Lost Message Air 03:32
Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping (feat. Neil Hannon) Air, Neil Hannon 03:35
Redhead Girl Air 04:33
Night Sight Air 04:17
The Duelist (feat. Jarvis Cocker & Charlotte Gainsbourg) Air, Jarvis Cocker, Charlotte Gainsbourg 04:40
Crickets Air 03:32

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