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The Road, Pt. 1



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Titres de l'album

Iter 1 – Have You Looked at Yourself? UNKLE 00:49
Farewell UNKLE, Ysée, Eska, Elliott Power 06:16
Looking for the Rain UNKLE, Mark Lanegan, Eska 06:01
Cowboys or Indians UNKLE, Ysée, Elliott Power, Miink 06:20
Iter 2 – How Do You Feel? UNKLE 01:06
No Where to Run/Bandits UNKLE 05:34
Iter 3 – Keep on Runnin' UNKLE 00:56
Stole Enough UNKLE, Miink 03:09
Arms Length UNKLE, Elliott Power, Callum Finn, Miink 04:56
Iter 4 – We Are Stardust UNKLE 00:59
Sonata UNKLE, Keaton Henson 05:18
The Road UNKLE, Eska 06:22
Iter 5 – Friend or Foe UNKLE 00:33
Sunrise (Always Comes Around) UNKLE, Liela Moss 06:42
Sick Lullaby UNKLE, Keaton Henson 04:33

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