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Titres de l'album

Cherish the Day (Live) Sade 06:37
Somebody Already Broke My Heart (Live) Sade 05:13
Smooth Operator (Live) Sade 04:16
Jezebel (Live) Sade 06:44
Kiss of Life (Live) Sade 04:58
Slave Song (Live) Sade, The Abyssinians 04:35
The Sweetest Gift (Live) Sade 02:32
The Sweetest Taboo (Live) Sade 06:01
Paradise (Live) Sade 04:32
No Ordinary Love (Live) Sade 06:09
By Your Side (Live) Sade 04:54
Flow (Live) Sade 05:01
Is It a Crime (Live) Sade 08:21

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