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In the Mood for Life

Wax Tailor


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Titres de l'album

City Vapors Wax Tailor 01:12
Dragon Chasers Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary 03:16
Already Begun Wax Tailor 00:33
B-Boy On Wax Wax Tailor, Speech Defect 04:06
Street Scent Wax Tailor 00:25
No Pity Wax Tailor 02:59
Dry Your Eyes (Feat. Sara Genn) Wax Tailor, Sara Genn 03:41
Masquerade Theme Wax Tailor 00:49
Until Heaven Stops The Rain Wax Tailor, Mattic 03:48
More Songs Wax Tailor 00:22
Leave It Wax Tailor, Dionne Charles 03:12
Escape Theme Wax Tailor 00:59
Go Without Me Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary 04:09
This Train Wax Tailor, Voice-Kuoro, Ali Harter 03:56
Sit & Listen Wax Tailor 04:04
Fireflies Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary, Mattic 03:33
Say Yes Wax Tailor, ASM 03:38
I Own You Wax Tailor, Charlie Winston 03:14
Greenfields Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary 03:40

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