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Titres de l'album

Ono Waterfall Folamour 04:41
The Journey (feat. Zeke Manyika) Folamour, Zeke Manyika 04:16
Resonate Folamour 04:19
Rue de Paradis (feat. Tertia May) Folamour, Tertia May 03:39
Latécoère Folamour 04:31
Lost In Space (feat. SG Lewis) Folamour, SG Lewis 02:23
St Moskov Folamour 05:14
Truth Folamour 03:47
We Gotta Wake This World Up From Its Sleep Folamour 05:51
My Brother's Keeper Folamour 04:36
La fin des vacances Folamour 05:34
Just Want Happiness Folamour 04:38

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