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Young Heart



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Titres de l'album

The Witching Hour – Intro Birdy 00:49
Voyager Birdy 04:26
Loneliness Birdy 03:22
The Otherside Birdy 03:26
Surrender Birdy 03:54
Nobody Knows Me Like You Do Birdy 04:57
River Song Birdy 03:45
Second Hand News Birdy 04:08
Deepest Lonely Birdy 03:52
Lighthouse Birdy 03:33
Chopin Waltz in A Minor (Interlude) Birdy 00:45
Evergreen Birdy 03:32
Little Blue Birdy 03:03
Celestial Dancers Birdy 05:19
New Moon Birdy 03:32
Young Heart Birdy 05:58

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