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Three Imaginary Boys

The Cure


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Titres de l'album

10:15 Saturday Night The Cure 03:42
Accuracy The Cure 02:17
Grinding Halt The Cure 02:49
Another Day The Cure 03:44
Object The Cure 03:01
Subway Song The Cure 01:58
Foxy Lady The Cure 02:29
Meat Hook The Cure 02:17
So What The Cure 02:36
Fire In Cairo The Cure 03:23
It's Not You The Cure 02:48
Three Imaginary Boys The Cure 03:15
The Weedy Burton The Cure 00:53
I Want To Be Old ('Easy Care' Sav Studio Demo 10/77) The Cure 02:35
I'm Cold (Sav Studio Demo 11/77) The Cure 03:19
Heroin Face (The Rocket Live 12/77) The Cure 02:38
I Just Need Myself (PSL Studio Demo 1/78) The Cure 02:12
10:15 Saturday Night (RS Organ Home Demo With Vox 2/78) The Cure 04:35
The Cocktail Party (Group Home Demo) The Cure 04:15
Grinding Halt (Group Home Demo 4/78) The Cure 03:29

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