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Peter Pan Original Soundtrack

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Main Title (The Second Star to the Right) / All This Has Happened Before The Jud Conlon Chorus 02:18
The Last Night in the Nursery Oliver Wallace 03:00
On The Rooftop / What's a Kiss / Perturbed Pixie Oliver Wallace 04:05
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins, Tommy Luske 04:24
A Pirate's Life The Jud Conlon Chorus 00:30
Blast That Peter Pan / A Pirate's Life (Reprise) (From "Peter Pan"/Score) Oliver Wallace 01:04
The Legend of the Croc / Double the Powder and Shorten the Fuse / Follow Tinker Bell Oliver Wallace 04:40
Just When I Brought You a Mother / Banished Oliver Wallace 00:52
Following the Leader Bobby Driscoll, Paul Collins 01:42
Hide and Sneak / No Let 'Em Go Oliver Wallace 01:15
Mermaid Lagoon / Bad Day At Skull Rock Oliver Wallace 04:30
Plotting a Pixie's Plight Oliver Wallace 00:54
What Made Red Man Red / Tinknapped The Jud Conlon Chorus, Candy Candido 02:44
Rumor Has It / Hangman's Tree Oliver Wallace 02:37
Big Chief Flying Eagle / I Had a Mother Once Oliver Wallace 01:27
Your Mother and Mine Kathryn Beaumont 01:58
Good-Bye Peter / Shanghaied Oliver Wallace 00:55
Captain Hook Never Breaks a Promise / The Elegant Captain Hook / A Little Surprise / Oh Tink / The Pen or the Plank The Jud Conlon Chorus, Bill Thompson, Hans Conried 03:19
No Splash / Take That / I'm a Codfish! / Crocbait / The Hero of Never Land Oliver Wallace 04:09
Home Again / Mermaids, Pirates, and Indians / FInale (You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!) The Jud Conlon Chorus 02:10

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