Album picture of Viva La Vida (Prospekt's March Edition)

Viva La Vida (Prospekt's March Edition)



Coldplay : écoute l'album Viva La Vida (Prospekt's March Edition)

Titres de l'album

Life in Technicolor Coldplay 02:29
Cemeteries of London Coldplay 03:21
Lost! Coldplay 03:55
42 Coldplay 03:57
Lovers in Japan Coldplay 06:51
Yes Coldplay 07:06
Viva La Vida Coldplay 04:01
Violet Hill Coldplay 03:42
Strawberry Swing Coldplay 04:09
Death and All His Friends Coldplay 06:18
Life in Technicolor ii Coldplay 04:05
Postcards from Far Away Coldplay 00:48
Glass of Water Coldplay 04:44
Rainy Day Coldplay 03:26
Prospekt's March / Poppyfields Coldplay 03:39
Lost+ (with Jay-Z)


Coldplay 04:16
Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) Coldplay 03:58
Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground Coldplay 02:27

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