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Natty Rebel (Extra Version)



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Titres de l'album

Babylon Burning (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 02:43
Natty Rebel (Remaster 1990) U-Roy 03:32
Badie Boo (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 02:59
If You Should Leave Me (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 03:00
Do You Remember (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 03:16
So Jah Jah Say (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 03:03
Jah Son Of Africa (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 07:37
Peace And Love In The Ghetto (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 04:16
Running Around With Tom Dick And Harry (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 04:48
I Got To Tell You Goodbye (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 04:27
Africa For The Africans (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 04:11
Runaway Girl (Live From The Lyceum,London,United Kingdom/1976 / Remaster 1991) U-Roy 03:39
Babylon Burning (Live) U-Roy 02:38
Chalice In The Palace (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 04:00
Wear You To The Ball (Remaster 1991) U-Roy 03:13

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