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The Soul of Rock And Roll

Roy Orbison


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Titres de l'album

Ooby Dooby The Teen Kings 02:01
Hey! Miss Fannie The Wink Westerners 02:35
A True Love Goodbye The Teen Kings 02:20
An Empty Cup And A Broken Date The Teen Kings 02:20
Tryin' To Get To You The Teen Kings 02:45
Tutti Frutti The Teen Kings 02:32
Advertisement: Overton Park Shell Concert Roy Orbison 01:00
Ooby Dooby Roy Orbison & Teen Kings 02:11
Cat Called Domino Roy Orbison 02:15
Go! Go! Go! Roy Orbison & Teen Kings 02:07
Rock House Roy Orbison & Teen Kings 02:04
Guitar Pull Medley: I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/I Was The One/That's All Right/Mary Lou/You're My Baby Roy Orbison 09:28
You're My Baby Roy Orbison 02:12
Mean Little Mama Roy Orbison 01:55
Problem Child Roy Orbison 02:19
One More Time Roy Orbison 01:15
You're Gonna Cry Roy Orbison 02:05
It's Too Late Roy Orbison 02:04
Sweet And Easy To Love Roy Orbison 02:13
This Kind Of Love (Demo Recording) Roy Orbison 02:13

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