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The ZZ Top Sixpack

ZZ Top


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Titres de l'album

(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree ZZ Top 02:29
Brown Sugar ZZ Top 05:21
Squank ZZ Top 02:49
Goin' Down to Mexico ZZ Top 03:20
Old Man ZZ Top 03:31
Neighbor, Neighbor ZZ Top 02:19
Certified Blues ZZ Top 03:26
Bedroom Thang ZZ Top 03:53
Just Got Back from Baby's ZZ Top 04:08
Backdoor Love Affair ZZ Top 02:43
Francene ZZ Top 03:32
Just Got Paid ZZ Top 04:27
Mushmouth Shoutin' ZZ Top 03:45
Ko Ko Blue ZZ Top 04:32
Chevrolet ZZ Top 03:20
Apologies to Pearly ZZ Top 02:45
Bar-B-Q ZZ Top 03:26
Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell ZZ Top 07:18
Whiskey'n Mama ZZ Top 03:19
Down Brownie ZZ Top 02:26

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