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Diamonds & Dancefloors

Ava Max


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Titres de l'album

Million Dollar Baby Ava Max 03:04
Sleepwalker Ava Max 03:10
Maybe You’re The Problem Ava Max 03:10
Ghost Ava Max 03:01
Hold Up (Wait A Minute) Ava Max 02:28
Weapons Ava Max 02:31
Diamonds & Dancefloors Ava Max 02:35
In The Dark Ava Max 02:52
Turn Off The Lights Ava Max 02:36
One Of Us Ava Max 02:58
Get Outta My Heart Ava Max 03:00
Cold As Ice Ava Max 02:23
Last Night On Earth Ava Max 02:57
Dancing’s Done Ava Max 02:46

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