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Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together (feat. Antwaun Stanley) Vulfpeck, Antwaun Stanley 04:45
Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh (feat. Charles Jones) Vulfpeck, Charles Jones 03:28
Mr. Finish Line (feat. Christine Hucal & Theo Katzman) Vulfpeck, Christine Hucal, THEO KATZMAN 03:13
Tee Time Vulfpeck 02:49
Running Away (feat. Joey Dosik, David T. Walker & James Gadson) Vulfpeck, Joey Dosik, David T. Walker, James Gadson 04:32
Hero Town (feat. Michael Bland) Vulfpeck, Michael Bland 03:35
Business Casual (feat. Coco O.) Vulfpeck, Coco O. 03:03
Vulf Pack Vulfpeck 02:37
Grandma (feat. Antwaun Stanley, David T. Walker & James Gadson) Vulfpeck, Antwaun Stanley, David T. Walker, James Gadson 05:05
Captain Hook (feat. Baby Theo, Bootsy Collins & Mushy Kay) Vulfpeck, Baby Theo, Bootsy Collins, Mushy Kay 02:40

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