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Wooh She's Who?



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Titres de l'album

Whooh She's Who? Shydeeh 04:26
Young Black Pearl Shydeeh 04:15
Get on It! Shydeeh 03:39
The Past Shydeeh 04:29
Nothing Goes Right! Shydeeh 04:00
I Won't Give up! Shydeeh 04:10
Don't Even Touch (Hip-Hop Remix) Shydeeh 04:10
Whooh She's Who? (R&B Remix) Shydeeh 04:09
My Bit**es


Shydeeh 04:22
Everything Under Control! Shydeeh 04:13
Negra Tomasa Jaite Ramos, Shydeeh 04:31
The Deal Yo Shydeeh 04:52

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