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Relaxing Bossa Lounge 3

Various Artists


Various Artists : écoute l'album Relaxing Bossa Lounge 3

Titres de l'album

Billie Jean (Bossa Version) Barbara Mendes 03:25
Let´s Spend The Night Together (Bossa Version) Monique Kessous 04:09
It´s Too Late (Bossa Version) Marcela Mangabeira 02:55
Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song) (Bossa Version) Billynho Blanco 03:48
If You Leave Me Now (Bossa Version) Maria Augusta 03:08
You Give Me Something (Bossa Version) Marcela Mangabeira 03:22
Purple Rain (Bossa Version) Daniela Procopio 03:48
Beautiful Girl (Bossa Version) Gavin Jasper 03:52
Bleeding Love (Bossa Version) Rachelle Spring 03:45
Don´t Stop The Music (Bossa Version) Marcela Mangabeira 03:47
She (Bossa Version) Flavio Mendes 02:15
Rock With You (Bossa Version) Marcela Mangabeira 04:02
Can´t Buy Me Love (Bossa Version) Tahta Menezes 03:06
Like A Virgin (Bossa Version) Marcela Mangabeira 03:50
West End Girls (Bossa Version) Cris Delanno 03:50
Do It Again (Bossa Version) Eduardo Braga 03:45