Album picture of Forever for Now (Deluxe Edition)

Forever for Now (Deluxe Edition)



Titres de l'album

Heavenly Light LP 03:50
Night Like This LP 04:00
One Last Mistake LP 03:35
Tokyo Sunrise LP 04:24
Salvation LP 03:51
Your Town LP 04:25
Free to Love LP 04:27
Levitator LP 03:55
Someday LP 04:12
Savannah LP 03:14
Into the Wild LP 03:55
Forever for Now LP 04:10
Lost in the World LP 04:03
Magic LP 04:05
Road to Ruin LP 04:43
Into the Wild (Live) LP 04:01
Levitator (Live) LP 04:30
Tokyo Sunrise (Live) LP 04:16
Wasted Love (Live) LP 04:11
Someday (Live) LP 04:30

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