Album picture of Why Did You Do It? –the Best of Stretch

Why Did You Do It? –the Best of Stretch



Titres de l'album

Miss Jones Stretch 03:04
Knives in Their Backs Stretch 03:55
Jonah and the Whale Stretch 04:49
Why Did You Do It? Stretch 03:30
Take You Down Stretch 03:59
Feelin' Sad Stretch 05:24
Can't Judge a Book Stretch 06:11
Hold up the Light Stretch 03:22
That's the Way the Wind Blows Stretch 03:44
If the Cap Fits Stretch 03:25
The Way Life Is Stretch 04:02
Hold On Stretch 03:22
Living on the Highway Stretch 03:08
Miss Dizzy Stretch 03:59
Fixin' to Die Stretch 03:36
You Can't Beat Your Brain for Entertainment Stretch 03:09
Buzz Fly Stretch 01:54
Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie-Coo Stretch 03:08
Write Me a Note Stretch 04:37
Tomorrow's Another Day Stretch 04:49

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