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Titres de l'album

Fast in My Car Paramore 03:42
Now Paramore 04:10
Grow Up Paramore 03:50
Daydreaming Paramore 04:31
Interlude: Moving On Paramore 01:30
Ain't It Fun Paramore 04:56
Part II Paramore 04:41
Last Hope Paramore 05:09
Still into You Paramore 03:36
Anklebiters Paramore 02:17
Interlude: Holiday Paramore 01:09
Proof Paramore 03:15
Hate to See Your Heart Break Paramore 05:09
(One of Those) Crazy Girls Paramore 03:32
Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore Paramore 00:52
Be Alone Paramore 03:40
Future Paramore 07:50

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