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Rebel Way Snoop Lion 04:44
Here Comes the King (feat. Angela Hunte) Snoop Lion, Angela Hunte 03:24
Lighters Up (feat. Mavado & Popcaan) Snoop Lion, Mavado, Popcaan 03:46
So Long (feat. Angela Hunte) Snoop Lion, Angela Hunte 03:40
Get Away (feat. Angela Hunte & Elan Atias) Snoop Lion, Angela Hunte, Elan Atias 03:27
No Guns Allowed (feat. Drake & Cori B.) Snoop Lion, Drake, Cori B. 03:32
Fruit Juice (feat. Mr. Vegas) Snoop Lion, Mr. Vegas 02:37
Smoke the Weed (feat. Collie Buddz) Snoop Lion, Collie Buddz 03:29
Tired of Running (feat. Akon) Snoop Lion, Akon 04:10
The Good Good (feat. Iza Lach) Snoop Lion, IZA, Iza Lach 03:54
Torn Apart (feat. RITA ORA) Snoop Lion, Rita Ora 03:30
Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (feat. Miley Cyrus) Snoop Lion, Miley Cyrus 04:06

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