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Songs 2003-2013

Ane Brun


Ane Brun : écoute l'album Songs 2003-2013

Titres de l'album

Humming One Of Your Songs Ane Brun 04:55
Are They Saying Goodbye? Ane Brun 03:57
My Lover Will Go Ane Brun 04:40
To Let Myself Go Ane Brun 03:19
Temporary Dive Ane Brun 04:25
Song No.6 Ane Brun, Ron Sexsmith 03:59
Rubber & Soul Ane Brun, Teitur 03:11
The Dancer (Live) Ane Brun 05:08
The Puzzle Ane Brun 02:53
The Treehouse Song Ane Brun 03:21
Changing Of The Seasons Ane Brun 04:47
Gillian Ane Brun 03:29
Don't Leave Ane Brun 04:02
True Colors Ane Brun 02:22
Big In Japan Ane Brun 03:09
Ten Seconds (Sketches Version) Ane Brun 03:15
Lullaby For Grown-Ups (Sketches Version) Ane Brun 02:18
My Star (Live) Ane Brun 03:06
Lift Me (Live) Ane Brun, Sivert Høyem 04:35
The Fall (Live) Ane Brun 03:40

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