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Titres de l'album

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Lolly 02:53
Per Sempre Amore (Forever In Love) Lolly 02:52
It Never Rains But It Pours Lolly 03:02
999 Lolly 03:43
She Loves You Lolly 02:20
I Can't Help Myself Lolly 03:27
You Left The Light On Lolly 03:23
Say The Word Lolly 03:08
Ti Amo Lolly 02:56
Better Than Ever Lolly 02:47
Twisting Roads Lolly 03:36
Rockin' Robin Lolly 02:13
One Plus One Lolly 02:39
Listen To Your Heart Lolly 03:05
Puppy Love Lolly 03:19
Viva LA Radio Lolly 02:44
Mickey Lolly 03:36
Big Boys Don't Cry Lolly 02:50

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