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Titres de l'album

Stamp On The Ground ItaloBrothers 03:17
Love Is On Fire ItaloBrothers 03:23
Radio Hardcore ItaloBrothers 03:08
Upside Down (Radio Edit) ItaloBrothers 03:33
Underwater World ItaloBrothers 03:04
Colours Of The Rainbow ItaloBrothers, Tune Up! 03:28
Heaven (Radio Edit) ItaloBrothers, Manian 03:38
So Small (Dance Radio Edit) ItaloBrothers 03:16
Counting Down The Days (Cascada Radio Edit) ItaloBrothers 03:14
It Must Have Been Love ItaloBrothers 03:12
The Moon ItaloBrothers 03:21
Put Your Hands Up In The Air ItaloBrothers 03:06
Where Are You Now ItaloBrothers 03:07
Moonlight Shadow ItaloBrothers 03:06

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