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Titres de l'album

Beaumont 3OH!3 01:08
I Can Do Anything 3OH!3 03:10
My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) 3OH!3, Kesha 03:13
Déjà Vu 3OH!3 03:04
We Are Young 3OH!3 03:18
Touchin on My 3OH!3 03:03
House Party 3OH!3 03:06
R.I.P. 3OH!3 03:44
I Know How to Say 3OH!3 03:13
Double Vision 3OH!3 03:10
I'm Not the One 3OH!3 04:07
Streets of Gold 3OH!3 03:13
See You Go 3OH!3 02:47
Love 2012 3OH!3 03:56

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