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Letter to the Lord (Edition Deluxe)



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Titres de l'album

Letter to the Lord Irma 03:03
I Know Irma 03:01
Their Truth Irma 02:56
End of the Story Irma 03:05
Everybody Irma 03:08
Watching Crap on Tv


Irma 03:12
Every Smile Irma 03:48
In Love with the Devil Irma 03:05
Your Guide Irma 03:08
Love You Irma 02:52
Mr. Love Irma 02:54
Somehow Irma 04:24
That Line Irma 03:41
Arum Lily Irma 03:17
First of September Irma 02:57
Letter to the Lord (Piano Version) Irma 03:53
I Try Irma 03:22
Hey Ya (Duet with Tété) Irma, Tété 03:47
Times They Are a Changin (Duet with Patrice) Irma, Patrice 03:25
My Friend Irma 02:18

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