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Simulation Theory (Super Deluxe)



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Titres de l'album

Algorithm Muse 04:05
The Dark Side Muse 03:47
Pressure Muse 03:55
Propaganda Muse 03:00
Break It to Me Muse 03:37
Something Human Muse 03:46
Thought Contagion Muse 03:26
Get up and Fight Muse 04:04
Blockades Muse 03:50
Dig Down Muse 03:48
The Void Muse 04:44
Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) Muse 03:32
The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version) Muse 03:54
Pressure (feat. UCLA Bruin Marching Band) Muse, UCLA Bruin Marching Band 04:04
Propaganda (Acoustic) Muse 02:58
Break It to Me (Sam de Jong Remix) Muse 03:08
Something Human (Acoustic) Muse 03:46
Thought Contagion (Live) Muse 04:08
Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) Muse 03:57
The Void (Acoustic) Muse 04:34

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