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Shabba Ranks


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Titres de l'album

Trailor Load a Girls Shabba Ranks 03:56
Mr. Loverman (feat. Chevelle Franklin) Shabba Ranks, Chevelle Franklin 05:36
Ting-A-Ling Shabba Ranks 03:52
Housecall (Your Body Can't Lie to Me) (feat. Maxi Priest) Shabba Ranks, Maxi Priest 03:38
Rough Life Shabba Ranks 03:58
Pirates Anthem (feat. Cocoa Tea & Home T.) Shabba Ranks, Cocoa Tea, Home T. 05:44
Roots & Culture Shabba Ranks 04:14
Shine Eye Gal (feat. Mykal Rose) Shabba Ranks, Mykal Rose 04:23
Gal Yuh Good Shabba Ranks 03:43
Slow & Sexy (feat. Johnny Gill) Shabba Ranks, Johnny Gill 05:19
Wicked In Bed Shabba Ranks 03:32
The Jam (feat. KRS-One) Shabba Ranks, KRS-One 03:20
Bad & Wicked Shabba Ranks 03:47
Let's Get It On Shabba Ranks 05:15
Twice My Age (feat. Krystal) Shabba Ranks, Krystal 04:31
Ram Dancehall Shabba Ranks 04:07

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