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The "Selma" Album: A Musical Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Overture - Brother Theme Tommy Butler 00:38
Overture A - Working in the Name of the King / Overture B - Nature's Child Tommy Butler, Jackie Lowe 04:12
(Opening) Garbage Including I've Been up to the Mountain Top Tommy Butler, Rubert Williams, Janice Barnett 04:00
Martin, Martin Denise Erwin 03:28
Flashbacks Nigger Woman Alzena Powell, Janice Barnett, Fred Tucks 01:40
Precious Memories Tommy Butler 02:26
The Time Is Now Tommy Butler 01:19
Wash Your Sins Away Tommy Butler 01:59
Medley: Pulling Together / We Don't Stand a Chance Carlton williams, Tommy Butler, Ernie Banks 02:31
Medly Cont.: Are You Ready Tommy Butler 03:11
Brother Theme Tommy Butler 00:27
You'r'e My Love Denise Erwin 03:15
Freedom, Liberation Ernie Banks, Sandra Pitre 02:54
Jesus Christ Tommy Butler, Janice Barnett 01:27
Medley: We'll Stand BY You / I Am Worried Tommy Butler 02:37
Bigot Entrance Eddie Turner, Tommy Butler, Fred Tucks, Sip Culler 03:00
Lie, Lie, Lie Fred Tucks, Sip Culler 01:38
Pick Up Your Weapon / Brother Theme Chris Williams, Tommy Butler 01:59
Court Room Tommy Butler, Rubert Williams, Fred Tucks 03:56
I Can Feel Him Tommy Butler 02:39

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