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Afterglow (Deluxe Edition)



Asgeir : écoute l'album Afterglow (Deluxe Edition)

Titres de l'album

Afterglow Asgeir 04:50
Unbound Asgeir 04:07
Stardust Asgeir 03:44
Here Comes The Wave In Asgeir 03:20
Underneath It Asgeir 04:03
Nothing Asgeir 01:55
I Know You Know Asgeir 03:54
Dreaming Asgeir 04:42
New Day Asgeir 03:47
Fennir Yfir Asgeir 05:07
Hold Asgeir 04:02
Afterglow (Alternative Version) Asgeir 04:48
Unbound (Alternative Version) Asgeir 03:51
Where is my mind ? Asgeir 04:05
Trust Asgeir 03:10

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