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Love Gun (Deluxe Edition)



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Titres de l'album

I Stole Your Love KISS 03:04
Christine Sixteen KISS 03:12
Got Love For Sale KISS 03:28
Shock Me KISS 03:46
Tomorrow And Tonight KISS 03:40
Love Gun KISS 03:16
Hooligan KISS 03:00
Almost Human KISS 02:48
Plaster Caster KISS 03:27
Then She Kissed Me KISS 03:01
Much Too Soon (Demo) KISS 03:23
Plaster Caster (Demo) KISS 03:35
Reputation (Gene Simmons Demo) KISS 05:39
Love Gun (Teaching Demo) KISS 02:14
Love Gun (Demo) KISS 03:18
Gene Simmons Interview (1977) KISS 06:59
Tomorrow And Tonight (Demo) KISS 03:46
I Know Who You Are (Demo) KISS 03:09
Love Gun (Live/1977) KISS 03:34
Christine Sixteen (Live/1977) KISS 02:55

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