Titres de l'album

Cap'tain 2015 Intro 01:08
Let's Party Ladyboy 04:12
Something More Chris Willis, Mark With A K, MC Alee 04:43
Pump up My Pussy (Lethal MG Remix 2014)


Rudy Sunders 04:14
Canzoncina Technoboy 'N' Tuneboy 05:21
Back in the Days Zatox, Brennan Heart 04:30
Kidda Qrank, MC P.O.P. 03:12
Rockstar Evil K 04:36
Encore Plus Fort Jacky Core, Ronald-V, Dj Fou 04:41
Endorphin (Radio Edit) DR Rude 03:17
Devotion Tuneboy, E-Life 06:13
Creatures Max Enforcer 06:17
Wait for You Wasted Penguinz, Vegas 05:12
Nightlife The Hooliganz 06:42
Rock Your Fucking Brains Out Teka B 03:05
Without You Akyra 03:54
Inferno (Radio Edit) Bestien 02:45
Zimbabwe Pat B 04:18
Summer Frontliner 06:04
Razor Hard Driver 04:33

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