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Titres de l'album

Can't Stand It Wilco 03:46
She's a Jar Wilco 04:42
A Shot in the Arm Wilco 04:19
We're Just Friends Wilco 02:44
I'm Always in Love Wilco 03:41
Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) Wilco 03:20
Pieholden Suite Wilco 03:26
How to Fight Loneliness Wilco 03:52
Via Chicago Wilco 05:33
ELT Wilco 03:46
My Darling Wilco 03:38
When You Wake up Feeling Old Wilco 03:54
Summer Teeth Wilco 03:20
In a Future Age Wilco 02:57
23 Seconds of Silence Wilco 00:22
Candyfloss Wilco 02:57
A Shot in the Arm (Remix) Wilco 03:54

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