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The Zoo (Live) Scorpions 05:49
Always Somewhere (Live) Scorpions 04:12
Life Is Too Short (Live) Scorpions 05:15
Holiday (Live) Scorpions 05:55
You & I (Live) Scorpions 05:19
When Love Kills Love (Live) Scorpions 04:53
Dust in the Wind (Live) Scorpions 03:49
Send Me An Angel (Live) Scorpions 05:25
Catch Your Train (Live) Scorpions 03:38
I Wanted To Cry (But The Tears Wouldn't Come) (Live) Scorpions 03:44
Wind Of Change (Live) Scorpions 05:34
Love of My Life (Live) Scorpions 02:26
Drive (Live) Scorpions 04:00
Still Loving You (Live) Scorpions 05:45
Hurricane 2001 (Live) Scorpions 04:37

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