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Titres de l'album

The Saga Continues (LP Version) Jagged Edge 00:45
Where the Party At (feat. Nelly) Jagged Edge, Nelly 03:53
Goodbye Jagged Edge 04:36
Cut Somethin' (feat. Ludacris) (LP Version) Jagged Edge, LudaChris, Ludacris 03:41
Girl It's Over (LP Version) Jagged Edge 04:29
Can We Be Tight (LP Version) Jagged Edge 04:18
I Got It (feat. Trina) (LP Verison) Jagged Edge, Trina 03:04
Best Man (LP Version) Jagged Edge 04:13
Without You (LP Version) Jagged Edge 03:34
Driving Me To Drink (LP Version) Jagged Edge 03:23
This Goes Out (feat. Big Duke & Joe Blak) (LP Version) Jagged Edge, Big Duke, Joe Blak 03:31
Respect (LP Version) Jagged Edge 04:44
Head of Household (LP Version) Jagged Edge 04:42
Remedy (LP Version) Jagged Edge 05:14
Let's Get Married (feat. Kanye West) (Reception Remix) Jagged Edge, Kanye West 03:50
Let's Get Married (feat. Run) (ReMarqable Remix) Jagged Edge, Run 04:09
Promise (feat. Loon) (Cool JD Remix) Jagged Edge, Loon 04:32

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