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Next to You (From "Parasyte") Theishter 02:18
Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack (In Your Past, a Tender Feeling) Theishter 04:28
Watashi No Uso (Your Lie in April Original Soundtrack) Theishter 04:00
Tokyo Ghoul OP - Unravel 2017 Theishter 04:18
Silhouette (From "Naruto Shippuden") Theishter 04:50
Bravely You (Charlotte OP) Theishter 02:08
My Dearest (Guilty Crown OP) Theishter 06:55
Attack on Titan Season 2 OP (Shinzou Wo Sasageyou) Theishter 02:24
Torikago Theishter 03:40
Blue Exorcist 2 OP (Itteki No Eikyou) Theishter 05:31

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secret base ~10 years after~ (From "Anohana")
Glassy Sky (From "Tokyo Ghoul")
Silhouette (From "Naruto Shippuden")
Next to You (From "Parasyte")

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