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Run Boy Run Woodkid 03:33
Iron Woodkid 03:21
Guns for Hire (from the series Arcane League of Legends) Woodkid 03:46
I Love You Woodkid 03:49
I Love You Woodkid 04:48
Run Boy Run Woodkid 03:34
The Golden Age Woodkid 03:44
Goliath Woodkid 03:50
Iron Woodkid 03:09
Conquest Of Spaces Woodkid 04:29

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Iron 2021

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“S16” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles and Iceland, also calling upon Tokyo’s Suginami Junior Chorus to find just the right opening for one particular passage. Its name alluding to the chemical symbol and atomic number for sulphur in physics, “S16” questions matter itself; what are our cells, our hearts made of? Where is the boundary between reality and fiction? Sulphur is, indeed, an essential element for living things, but liable to burst into flames. Like the ardent suffering stoked by music, which can then soothe, like being wrapped in a hug.Accompanying us with his powerful, warm, reassuring voice laid bare, Woodkid leans, as always, towards the symphonic, the making of an entire intimate universe. The album is a reflection of the times on a global scale: moving and human. In ‘Les Rayons et les Ombres’, Victor Hugo writes: “The mind of man has three keys which open everything: the number, the letter, the note. Know, think, dream. Everything is here.”The adventure continues...