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Love & Dance H-Pi 00:56
Trackmania Main Title H-Pi 03:04
Dans Les Couloirs Et la Cour (Medley) H-Pi 04:20
Styx Master of Shadows (Title Theme) H-Pi 02:22
Eldarya Title Theme H-Pi 00:37
Lovely Day H-Pi 02:02
The World of Eldarya H-Pi 01:45
What's Going on in the City H-Pi 00:55
Auction House H-Pi 01:28
Thoben, Pt. I H-Pi 08:05

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Kai Tangata
The Wyrm
For My Clan
Silver Bullets

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Henri-Pierre Pellegrin, aka H-Pi, is a french composer/producer, best known for his work in Video Games (STYX 1 & 2, Werewolf : The Apocalypse - Earthblood, Brave Frontier - The Last Summoner, Streets of Rage 4, Trackmania, Amour Sucré,…), but his credits also includes TV. (1 Jour 1 Question,…). A fragment of his work is used in the movie « ELLE » by Paul Verhoeven. He performed as a bassist or keyboardist in various side projects (Bass of Duty, Lokurah, Discloser, Aeterna Hystoria). Henri-Pierre works as a Sound Designer as well, on several game projects.