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Children Deborah de Luca, Robert Miles 03:26
Croce Deborah de Luca 05:34
Gam Gam Deborah de Luca, Mauro Pilato, Max Monti 04:08
Passi Io E Palmieri, Deborah de Luca 04:24
You're Toxic Deborah de Luca 06:11
It's Not Right But It's Ok Deborah de Luca, Valeria Mancini 06:12
Dori Me Deborah de Luca 06:27
India Deborah de Luca 05:10
Children Deborah de Luca, Robert Miles 05:43
Oh Ohh Deborah de Luca 06:31

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Deborah De Luca was born in Naples in 1980 and has been one of the most successful Italian techno DJs since the early 2010s. After initially studying fashion design, De Luca switched to a career as a beat producer. Her first notable successes came in 2013 with the release of four EPs, namely Six Months, Slice of Ass, Other Space and Rummor. In previous years, she had already attracted attention with single releases such as "Velando" (2011) and "Guitar" (2012). De Luca, whose sound always incorporates melodic minimal elements and who is particularly known for her brilliant live sets, followed this up with further EPs such as Afritech (2014), Nina (2015) and Shining (2016), which was produced in collaboration with Giorgio Rusconi. After releasing Chain Reaction in 2017 - again with Rusconi - further singles such as Moon After Sun (2019) and Dori Me (2020) were added to the artist's oeuvre. De Luca also released her next EP She sleeps in 2020. The DJ, who can now also look back on numerous prestigious festival gigs, will present "Solamente 110" in 2021.