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Te Gosto Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:17
Vou Festejar Sambabook, Jorge Aragão, Zeca Pagodinho, Alcione 03:19
Clube do Samba Sambabook, Diogo Nogueira, Alcione, Arlindo Cruz 04:38
O Show Tem Que Continuar Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:29
A Batucada Dos Nossos Tantãs Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:18
O Show Tem Que Continuar Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:25
Vou Festejar Grupo Fundo De Quintal, Beth Carvalho 03:33
A Batucada dos Nossos Tantãs Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:14
Miudinho, Meu Bem, Miudinho Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:56
Conselho / Insensato Destino Grupo Fundo De Quintal 03:51

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Fundo de Quintal is an influential samba group from Rio de Janeiro, whose origins trace back to the late 70s. Its core lineup included sambistas Almir Guineto, Birra Presidente, Jorge Aragão, Neoci, Sereno, Sombrinha, and Ubirany. The group is known for its prominent use of the banjo and unorthodox percussive instruments in their songs. Supported by singer Beth Carvalho, Fundo de Quintal released their studio debut, Samba é No Fundo do Quintal Vol. 1 (1980) to great critical acclaim. The group released a string of very successful albums during the 80s, most notably Divina Luz (1985), O Mapa da Mina (1986), and Do Fundo do Nosso Quintal (1987), which featured Beth Carvalho and Martinho da Vila. É Aí Que Quebra A Rocha (1991) was recorded with their new vocalist Mario Sergio and featured the hit “Pagodeando.” Their first greatest hits compilation, entitled Palco Iluminado, was released in 1995 and included some unpublished material as well. Produced by Rildo Hora, Papo de Samba (2001) was the first album to feature original compositions by members of the band. In 2003, they played at the Festival Fábrica do Samba in Rio de Janeiro, alongside Beth Carvalho, Zeca Pagodinho, and Dudu Nobre. After a series of successful albums and legendary live performances during the 2010s, Mario Sergio, the group’s main vocalist, died in 2016 and was replaced by escola de samba singer Marcio Alexandre.