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Cheques Shubh 03:03
One Love Shubh 02:39
Bandana Shubh 02:34
Hood Anthem Shubh 03:12
We Rollin Shubh 03:19
King Shit Shubh 03:46
No Love Shubh 02:50
Baller Shubh, Ikky 02:28
Her Shubh 02:34
Still Rollin Shubh 02:54

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Shubh is the stage name of Toronto-based rapper Shubhdeep Singh, who rose to fame in the early 2020s with his unique take on hip-hop, trap, and R&B. Born in Punjab in 1997, he spent most of his childhood in India and later continued his education in Canada, where he studied business management. Entirely sung in Punjabi, his first single "We Rollin" (2021) became hugely popular in his native country, reaching over 125 million views on his video-streaming channel. His meteoric ascent to the top continued later that year with the release of the songs "Elevated" and "Offshore," followed by the 2022 record-breaking singles "No Love" and "Baller," the latter of which peaked at number 78 on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 chart. Still Rollin, his studio debut, came out in 2023 and reached number 16 in Canada. It was promoted through a world tour that included dates in India, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, the United States, and Canada. In January 2024, Shubh surprised his fans with the release of Leo, a four-track EP that went to number 19 on the Canadian charts.