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Double Nature Mustasch 04:45
Lawbreaker Mustasch 03:30
The Challenger Mustasch 03:46
Thank You for the Demon Mustasch 03:41
Ransacker Mustasch 05:12
Änglahund Mustasch 03:01
Wasted Mustasch 03:26
Libertà Mustasch 03:54
Bring Me Everyone Mustasch 03:57
Because of You Mustasch 03:15

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Swedish heavy metal band Mustasch - so named because most of the band's musical heroes such as Tony Iomi, Lemmy and Freddie Mercury sported facial hair - define the stereotype of the hard working rock band. Totally dedicated and fiercely committed to gigging, the band, on the fringes of the so-called Gothenburg sound, tirelessly promoted themselves through relentless touring. In 2007 all the hard work began to reap its rewards with the release of their fourth album 'Latest Version of the Truth' which reached number three in the Swedish Album Charts and earned the band a well-deserved Swedish Grammy.

The subsequent five albums released by the band all made the top ten underlining the popularity of the heavy metal combo among Nordic fans. After steadily building a following for more than a decade Mustasch's breakthrough hit finally came with the 2011 single 'The Challenger' which swept through the Scandinavian charts and brought international recognition for the band. They continue to maintain their punishing tour schedule playing gigs and festivals throughout Europe and their most recent single, the self-produced 'Änglahund', received widespread critical acclaim in the specialist heavy metal press.