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Aicha Moe Phoenix 03:09
Mama / Baba Moe Phoenix 03:22
MAMA Moe Phoenix 02:52
WAS'N TYP Moe Phoenix 02:50
Rahat Ardian Bujupi, Moe Phoenix 02:46
Nie Nie Moe Phoenix 03:00
Ex Moe Phoenix, Dhurata Dora 02:22
Yallah Habibi DJ Antoine, Sido, Moe Phoenix 03:16
Intro / Noa Moe Phoenix 02:42
Yallah Habibi DJ Antoine, Sido, Moe Phoenix 04:16

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Moe Phoenix is a German R&B singer with Lebanese roots. He has collaborated with many artists, particularly KC Rebell and PA Sports, on many different tracks. His debut single in 2015 was a collaboration with KC Rebell entitled 'Are You Real' which reached number 15 in the German Singles Chart. Phoenix signed to the Life Is Pain Label and released his debut solo single 'The Sun Shines With You' in 2016. Also in 2016, Phoenix and KC Rebell collaborated on the single 'i Phone 17' which was a top 20 hit in Germany. Phoenix's most popular singles, 'Aicha' and 'Mama/Baba' were both released in 2018. 'Aicha' has been streamed over 18 million times and 'Mama/Baba' over 16 million. The latter track features in Phoenix's album 'NOA', also released in 2018.

Phoenix released the single 'Habibi' in 2018, which features PA Sports, the single 'Yallah Habibi' which is a collaboration with DJ Antoine and Sido and 'Wake Up', which features Gringo, Maxwell and Lazaro. In 2019, he released the single '3%', which also features ENO and is a track from the album 'Emoetion', also released in 2019.