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Valhalla Calling Miracle Of Sound 03:44
Valhalla Calling (feat. Peyton Parrish) (Duet Version) Miracle Of Sound, Peyton Parrish 04:00
Skal Miracle Of Sound 02:50
Ode to Fury Miracle Of Sound 03:38
Valhalla Calling (feat. Eric Hollaway & Peyton Parrish) (Trio Version) Miracle Of Sound, Eric Hollaway, Peyton Parrish 02:32
To Be Better Miracle Of Sound 03:30
Onwards We Row Miracle Of Sound 02:33
Valhalla Calling (Metal Version) Miracle Of Sound 03:46
Skellige Winds Miracle Of Sound 02:30
Purest Gold (feat. The Charismatic Voice) Miracle Of Sound, The Charismatic Voice 07:39

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Miracle of Sound is the diverse, genre-spanning musical project of Irish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gavin Dunne. Born in Cork, Ireland, on May 6, 1980, Dunne was raised by the famous poet Seán Dunne and began playing in various bands as a teenager. After a decade of relative obscurity, he became a viral sensation in 2010, when "Gordon Freeman Saved My Life" — a song inspired by a character from the Half-Life video game series — earned more than 15,000 views on video-sharing platforms in one night. Having found his niche, he continued creating music inspired by video games, with subsequent singles like "The Ballad of Clay Carmine" and "Commander Shepard" both becoming viral hits, as well. Level 1, his debut album, was released in 2011, followed by Level 2 in 2012 and Level 3 in 2013. Working alone, he effectively ran Miracle of Sound as a one-man band, creating the bulk of the project's music without any collaborators. However, he did work with guitarists 331Erock and Dave Divilly on 2015's Metal Up, a heavy metal featuring Celtic influences and lyrics based on Irish folklore. Following another string of Level releases, he released his most popular collaboration in the form of 2021's "Valhalla Calling," a duet with American country singer Peyton Parrish. The song reached Number 42 in Australia and Number 39 in Brazil.