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Cong Lai Mei Xiang Dao Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Leon Leong, Caesar Wu 03:39
For You Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Leon Leong, Caesar Wu 03:31
Xiang Dou Bu Yong Xiang Dylan Wang 03:59
Chuang Zao Hui Yi Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Leon Leong, Caesar Wu 05:16
Fei Tong Xiao Ke Dylan Wang 02:51

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Born on December 20, 1998, in Leshan, Sichuan, China, Wang Hedi, known as Dylan Wang, is a Chinese actor and musician. In 2016, Dylan secured the top spot at the Sichuan Campus Red Festival, an event backed by various universities and colleges, which marked his entry into the entertainment field, triumphing in the Youku variety show Super Idol, in 2017. Dylan's breakthrough arrived in 2018 with his debut leading role as Daoming Si in the TV series Meteor Garden, contributing to the soundtrack with songs "Creating Memories," "Never Would've Thought of," "Extremely Important," and "Don't Even Have to Think About It." This led to another role in The National Southwest Associated University and Us (2019), where he collaborated on the song "No Resentment" with Song Yiren, and The Rational Life in 2021, performing "Understand" alongside Qin Lan. In 2022, he was honoured with the title of Young Performer of the Year at the GQ Men of The Year Annual Figure Ceremony. In 2023 his single "Tango by the Sea" climbed to the 74th position on the Chinese charts.