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Cross The Track Maceo Parker 05:05
Chicken Maceo Parker 08:22
Pass The Peas Maceo Parker 11:26
In Time Maceo Parker 05:32
Shake Everything You´ve Got Maceo Parker 16:39
Georgia on My Mind Maceo Parker 06:17
Shake Everything You Got Maceo Parker 07:07
I Got You (I Feel Good) Maceo Parker 03:45
Soul Power ´92 Maceo Parker 14:12
Pass the Peas Maceo Parker 17:48

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Shake Everything You´ve Got
Pass The Peas
I Got You (I Feel Good)
Go To Get U

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Maceo Parker is an American soul, jazz, funk and R&B saxophonist born into a musical family in North Carolina. He played in James Brown's band, George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic and Prince's band and recorded with artists such as Dave Matthews, Keith Richards and Bryan Ferry. He has released many albums as leader starting with 'Doing Their Own Thing' in 1970 and including 'Roots Revisited' (1990), 'Mo' Roots' (1991) and 'Life On Planet Groove' (1992), a concert album with Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer.

'Southern Exposure' (1994) went to number 33 on Billboard's Jazz Albums Chart, 'Funk Overload' (1999) reached number 43, 'Dial: M.A.C.E.O.' (2000) number 44, 'Roots & Grooves' (2008) number eleven and 'Soul Classics' (2015) number 15. He published an autobiography titled '98% Funky Stuff: My Life in Music' in 2013.