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Hot Mess Crystal Murray 02:43
Princess Crystal Murray 03:11
After Ten Crystal Murray 03:14
Too Much to Taste Crystal Murray 02:58
Princess Crystal Murray 03:10
Easy Like Before Crystal Murray 02:58
Strict Machine - Icônes Crystal Murray 02:48
Other Men (feat. Le Diouck) Crystal Murray, Le Diouck 03:27
August Knows Crystal Murray 03:17
I Was Wrong Crystal Murray 01:55

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par Crystal Murray, Tommy Gold


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Crystal Murray continues to establish her multi-hyphenate talents : Founder of the label Spin Desire, a feminine empowerment platform with ‘Safe Place’, the fashion world with the collective ‘Gucci Gang’, and her collabs (Travis Scott, Miaou) or solo (Converse, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Hermes, Zalando). Crystal Murray, only 20 years old, has the self-confidence and the beliefs of an artist, at least, ten years older. In February 2022, she released her second EP “Twisted Bases”, including “BOSS” (first released via a COLORS performance last year), “Too Much to Taste”, “Other Men” and “Hot Mess”, alongside others tracks. With this project, Crystal explores her own musical identities, twisting commonplaces and stereotypes. She distances herself from her first EP “I Was Wrong” (+7M streams - released in April 2020), showing darker and deeper sides of her personality, pictured in the audio-video project ‘Hotel Room Drama’ launched with various hip-hip/ soul collaborations across 2020 and 2021.