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Tracks Uele Lamore 02:26
Austerlitz Uele Lamore 02:22
Lucie, I Love You - Waves - Hades Uele Lamore 07:58
You'll Only Love Once Uele Lamore 02:43
Fox Café Fushimi Inari Uele Lamore 01:57
JūJo Station Uele Lamore 01:48
Surprise Encounter: Thunder Eel King! Uele Lamore 02:57
Sacred Sword Uele Lamore 03:12
Corruption Of The Toad Forest Uele Lamore 03:48
Ulysse Uele Lamore 02:05

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Uele Lamore is a franco-american 26 year old composer, arranger and conductor. She is specialized in the mixing of acoustic and orchestral textures and sounds with electronic and synthetic elements. She has hence created a very recognizable sound and signature. She has collaborated with artists such as Moor Mother, Etienne Daho, Yan Wagner, Renart, Mad Rey, Hugo LX, Drum & Lace, Persian Empire, Kodäma, Agar Agar, Gëinst, Malik Djoudi and more.The projects she tackles range from arrangements for Ep/Albums, to live concerts and live application of projects, or specific commissions involving orchestras or ensembles. Non-affiliated to classical music, Uele Lamore dwells in the exploration of composition, orchestration and arrangement in very diverse styles like electro, indie, new-wave, rock, techno, neo-soul, ambient, and much more, who all have in common that they offer almost limitless possibilities. Uele is a London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) associate conductor & arranger since 2019. She is also the founder and principal conductor of Orchestre Orage, France's first non-classical orchestra. The orchestra is strong of 34 members and specializes mainly in live concerts and special projects.