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Squabble HA SUNG WOON 03:25
Get Ready HA SUNG WOON 03:02
Snowy Stars HA SUNG WOON 04:10
Serendipity HA SUNG WOON 03:19
Forbidden Island HA SUNG WOON 03:19
Electrified HA SUNG WOON 03:34
Remember you HA SUNG WOON 03:53
Twinkle Twinkle HA SUNG WOON 03:05
Strawberry Gum HA SUNG WOON, Don Mills 03:30

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Sungwoon is a K-pop singer from South Korea who first attracted attention in 2014 as a member of the group Hotshot. In 2017 he appeared on the television talent show 'Produce 101' with fellow performer Roh Tae Hyun (known as Kid Monster) and then had a stint with the group Wanna One. He continues with Hotshot but also released solo EP 'My Moment' which topped the South Korean Albums Chart in February 2019. It includes 'Don't Forget' featuring Park Ji-hoon, 'Bird', 'Tell Me I Love You', 'Remember You' and 'Lonely Night'. The single 'Think of You' came out in May 2019.