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Hoba Hoba Spirit

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Gnawa Blues Hoba Hoba Spirit 04:10
Aourioura Hoba Hoba Spirit 04:03
Super Caid Hoba Hoba Spirit 03:01
Fhamator Hoba Hoba Spirit 02:36
Lost Hoba Hoba Spirit 03:55
Trabando Hoba Hoba Spirit 04:52
Femme Actuelle Hoba Hoba Spirit 03:23
Blad Skizo Hoba Hoba Spirit 03:22
Black Moussiba Hoba Hoba Spirit 05:21
Marock'n Roll II Hoba Hoba Spirit 04:42

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Blad Skizo
Ida N'zour

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The complementary term 'Moroccan Clash' is often used to describe Hoba Hoba Spirit, a blend of rock rage and hip hop verve boiling along in a cauldron of oriental music since 1998. This quintet from Casablanca is fighting against obscurantism in Arab society with sharp lyrics and popular chorus-slogans that make them the spokespeople for the new generation of Moroccans in search of an identity. Their lyrics mix French, Arabic and English and their gnaouis-influenced urban fusion sounds place them at the forefront of the North-African contemporary music scene.